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OBT Server Orbita x15

Server Velvet x1

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We have updated our Updater, increased the download speed and added multilingualism.

(You need to download the updater from the site again in the Files section)
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2024-01-07 00:00:18
A new patch client has been installed.
You won't recognize this game!!! Welcome to the Updated version of TokGame Club!!!
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2024-01-06 23:56:12
Buff slot 32
Expanded inventory up to 200
Retail store up to 10
Reduced the number of clan members to increase the level, as well as the KRP
Hellbound level 11
Drop of Gold from the Kariks
Silver for PVP events
Offline trading is absolutely free
Rep RB from 4 to 8 hours
Daily entrance gifts
No IP restrictions
For voting 2 Gold
Items with additional parameters for the character

And much more!!!
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2024-01-06 23:45:20