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OBT Server Orbita x15

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New updater, new patch client!

(You need to download a new version of the updater from the site)

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2024-03-22 23:11:02

Technical work is under completion, the new website is ready!

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2024-03-10 21:36:32
  1. Spring!

  2. Congratulations to all the players on the Spring.

  3. Today started: Auction, Demonic Swords, Talk Game Hero event.

  4. We remind you, tomorrow is the first Siege!

  5. All of you notice pleasant changes in the gameplay of the club.

  6. We would also like to inform you that in the near future we are changing the site, since one server is no longer enough for us, we are moving forward.
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2024-03-01 17:52:10
Dear players!!!!

In honor of holidays like February 23rd and March 8th!!!

An event dedicated to these events will be included from 23.02 to 23.03.2024


Have a nice game and a good drop!

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2024-02-22 12:53:46
Dear players. 02/10/2024 at 23.55 Scheduled Maintenance. The work lasts 5-10 minutes.
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2024-02-09 18:14:43